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Sultan Brandin Studio is an online branding & digital design studios experts in the Saudi market. Subsidiary of Same Here Limited Liability Company, headquartered and legal in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

We are working online from different locations. Helping the corporations, social enterprises, and individuals on analysis and study of the development and providing marketing solutions, in the context of building and developing brand identity for the brands, with an experienced team working since 2002, with utilizing a more specialized experience, in supporting disciplines to build a strong brand in the marketing and brand strategy.

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Our Story

The market comparison is probably not very well known abroad, but in Saudi Arabia, it is a popular price comparison. Mr. Sultan Brhan was known to work on several projects, many of which are major ones, until some friends began to call him "Sultan Brand Book", or "Sultan Brand". There were many names until he settled on "Brandin" with the ending in the letter "n", like his last name.

The secret:
Pure adoration

Why us:
From the point of view of the question, one day, "will you see the Kingdom Tower? Who owns it?" The answer was that Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, but after a while we heard that he had sold the largest share of the tower to foreign investors, then the question came back again and in a different form.. "Who is the genius who designed the Kingdom Tower?" so, the answer is Ellerbe Becket.. well; It seems that the name of the designer will remain forever as long as this tower is pointed to the sky! while the owners will change in every upcoming sale. This is our philosophy of logo designers; Find immortality!

an intellectual touch

to the cultural fabric

Meet The Team

We are a collective of creators, dreamers, and achievers from every corner of the world.

Advisory Board

Our clients trust us because we work to understand their needs and aspirations, their budgetary constraints, and work with advisory team to devise solutions that are timely and bring tangible business benefits.

Exclusive Services

The only way to do great job is to love what you do. Committed in heart and mind!

there is a great solution, buried in every challenge

Getting a big idea is not an act of inspiration, but rather one of discovery. Creativity can overcome almost any problem. We welcome your challenges and we reimagine your future.


Gathering and finalizing requirements and goals for your project. Discuss project timeline and key milestones. Learning and understanding the problems to be solved.



Defining and Closing Gaps in knowledge through investigation and research of behaviors, needs, and motivations. Understanding competitive landscapes, markets, industries, and informing an effective project strategy.



Marrying the results of the Discovery and Research stages into a cohesive project plan. Refining the functional requirements for the Design and Development stages.


Identity Design

Making the business strategy visible through design.



Developing a touchpoint program that will ensure an effective brand experience for the targeted audience.



Accepting the project as complete, according to specifications, and ready for release to its intended audience.


design without strategy is just art.

Everyone’s talking “intelligence” today but strategy is hard to package in a neat little box. As a brand strategy agency, we help you kick your marketing efforts into high gear. Our innovation methodology seeks to systematically survey and understand a given area of a client’s business, identifying areas of opportunity for great storytelling and communications. We take pride in our high-end problem solving, employing a distinct blend of analytics, creative thinking and multidisciplinary insights to ensure a competitive advantage for both fledgling and established brands.



Growth Strategy

Brand Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

Data Strategy

Brand Audits

Competitive Analysis


Payment Methods

In Same Here LLC and its companies, we adopt the secure payment platform “Stripe”, as an ideal solution for all customers from around the world, to which the company's account in the United States of America is directly linked.


At Sultan Brandin Studio, we have two payment plans, either full payment, or easy payment in installments:

We have our own way of dealing with clients, we do not receive a deposit, we do not divide invoices into payments, we receive the value of the work before the last step of the project file delivery process.

$X /one time

Payment before the last stage.

Entities We Worked With

What we started by literally building a table around which to sit down and talk to our clients, is now a studio with a great experience, a greater team and many projects that make us grow and learn every day. We feel this straight-forward approach when talking to you, plus our experience and proven processes are the best way for you to enjoy every step of the project.

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